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Case Study 1

Vital Comms (Scotland) Ltd provide communications solutions tailored to your requirements.

An example of how we improved production reduced waste, improved staff safety and reduced our client’s costs follows:

Our client has high value manufacturing and process sites with low staffing levels.

They had a requirement to respond to critical alarms, reduce waste and improve the Health & Safety of Staff.

After consultations and developing a full understanding of their work methods we produced the following solution.

A fully integrated seamless communication solution comprising of:

  • The site SCADA system was integrated to a radio communications system.
  • Critical Alarms are forwarded as a TEXT message directly to selected portable radios
  • This provides a faster response to critical alarms which reduces waste and costs
  • Radios are linked to the Door Entry System
  • This means staff can speak to callers from anywhere on site and provide access by remotely opening the door from their radio.
  • This saves staff time and that of delivery staff.
  • Radios are equipped with “man down” and personal alarm
  • When a “ Man Down Alarm” occurs the radio sends a signal to the Door Entry System which is then opened automatically to allow immediate access to the emergency services
  • Simultaneously the alarm is sent to other co-workers as a TEXT message to alert them of the situation
  • The alarm is also forwarded via the site telephone system to an off-site control room which identifies the location of the site and the nature of the alarm
  • The control room operator can then phone directly to the radio to ascertain the nature of the alarm and provide confirmation that help is on the way

This solution has proved to so successful that it has been rolled out across a further 8 of the client’s sites.